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Izmir hotels and resorts, hotels in Izmir Turkey. Selected Izmir hotels and Izmir Resorts.

Izmir Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Izmir Turkey. Selected Izmir Hotels  
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Around Izmir

- Balcova: Located 10 kilometres west of the city centre Konak on the main road to Cesme. Izmir University of Economics is within the borders of Balcova. It is also known for its baths associated with Agamemnon and thermal pools which are considered to be good for rheumatism, sciatica, gallstones and eczema.

- Bornova: Located 8 kilometres from the city centre Konak. Bornova is divided into seven municipal administrative zones which are known as "semt" in Turkish. Church of Santa Maria is located in Bornova which is a small Catholic Church dating back to 19th century. One of the two largest shopping centres of Izmir is located in Bornova, called Forum. The main campus of Ege University and a campus of Dokuz Eylul University are located in Bornova.

- Buca: There's a Catholic and a Baptist church in Buca, both are in service. One of the well-known universities Dokuz Eylul University is located in Buca. The Hippodrome of Izmir is in Sirinyer which is a quarter of Buca, and named after this place and known as Sirinyer Hippodrome.

- Cigli: Has 23 subdistricts and one separate depending municipality. The name comes from the marshlands of the river Gediz delta which used to cover the area. The area is known with the bird migration routes.

- Gaziemir: Located in the south of Konak. Izmir International Airport called Adnan Menderes Airport is located within the borders of Gaziemir. Aegean Free Zone, home to the fifth U.S. Space Camp is in Gaziemir. The area is an important retail centre of Izmir with international outlets as the market Tansas, Kipa which is a Tesco joint-venture), Metro and Migros.

- Guzelbahce: It's the area of construction of luxury homes.

- Karsiyaka: Located on the Aegean Sea coast along the norther shore. It is an important Business and commercial centre. Karsiyaka means "the opposite shore" in Turkish.

- Konak: It is the centre of Izmir. The offices of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the historic bazaar Kemeralti are within the borders of Konak.

- Narlidere: It has become the fastest developing area in recent years. Turkish Army Combat Engineering School and Training Centre is located in Narlidere.

Kemeralti: Is located in Konak which is a historic market, formed around the street surrounding the shallow inner bay of the city.

Hisar Mosque: The oldest and one of the most significant Ottoman landmarks in Izmir. Located in Konak Kemeralti.

Kizlaragasi Han: Used to be a caravanserai, now a market, located in Konak Kemeralti.

Konak Square: Famous Clock Tower is located in Konak Square.

Konak Pier: It's a 19th century building in Konak, near Konak Square and Clock Tower. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel and restorations started in 2003 and opened as a shopping mall in 2004.

Asansor: Means escalator in Turkish. It was built in 1907 in Karatas quarter within the borders of Konak. It was built by a wealthy Jewish banker Nesim Levi Bayraklioglu in order to ease passage from the narrow coastline of Karatas to the hillside. In 1940s, the small street that led to the building which was known as Asansor Street, named after the singer Dario Moreno who was one of the residents of the street.

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