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Izmir hotels and resorts, hotels in Izmir Turkey. Selected Izmir hotels and Izmir Resorts.

Izmir Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Izmir Turkey. Selected Izmir Hotels  
izmir hotels
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  1. What are the ways to find a suitable hotel for me?
    In our hotel directory, on the left column, the hotels are ranged according to their location or their stars. You may click on the category you like, to list the selected hotels related to this range. There is also a search option at the mid buttom of the main page, where you are able to search for a suiitable hotel ranged for its name, star, pension type or price. If you would like a more specific search, click on the "advanced search button at the middle of the page, and a new page will open where you will have various options to select from activities to services and from location to room types. Check the options that you seek, and click on the "submit query" button at the bottom, and the program will list you the suitable options, if there are any.
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  2. What if I want to see all the hotels at the directory?
    If you would like to see the list of all the hotels in the directory, click on the "x hotels" button at the "hotel search" section at the mid bottom of the main page.
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  3. How can I compare hotels?
    After listing the hotels using any of search options, you may compare for up to 4 hotels in a page. The "compare" check box" is at the right top of each hotel's description. Check up to 4 hotels that you want to compare, and click on the "compare" button at the right top or bottom of the page.
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  4. Does the hotel directory include all the hotels in the area?
    We try to include every single hotel to the directory, unless it is not recommended or unqualified. To advertise a hotel that the guests will be unsatisfied is not our policy so we sensitively work and give utmost care while adding a hotel in the directory.
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  5. To bring food and drink into hotel.
    Hotel guests are not allowed to bring any food and drink into hotel rooms, but in most cases, this is tolerable. A bottle of water or some fruit might be brought in to the rooms but just carry them in unvisiual bags.
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  6. Pool towels
    In case your hotel has a swimming pool you should not take towels from your room, as towels are available at the pool free to hotel customers.
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  7. What happens if I lose room key?
    Don't forget to return your hotel room keys before your departure. Hotel charges for lost room key
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  8. Energy saving system at the hotel
    Some of the hotels have energy saving systems. You may need to insert the metal part attached to your room key in a slot , which is usually just around the entrance. When you remove it from the slot, all electric appliances including air-conditioning will automatically turn off. If you would like to leave your a/c on, separate the key from metal attachment and leave the metal in the slot while you can take the key with you.
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  9. What is Ultra All Inclusive (UAI)?
    Ultra All Inclusive (UAI)=Open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, fast foods between meals, A'la carte restaurants ( fish, italian, indian ...) 24 hours unlimited local and imported drinks, minibar and much more options according to hotels. Detailed Ultra All Inclusive concept can be taken from hotel reception on arrival.
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  10. What is All Inclusive (AI) ?
    All Inclusive (AI)= Open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, fast foods between meals, local drinks between 09:00 am - 23:00 pm. Detailed All Inclusive concept can be taken from the hotel reception on arrival.
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  11. What is Half Board (HB) ?
    Half Board (HB)= breakfast and dinner. In most of the hotels breakfast and dinner served on open buffet.
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